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New Logo for Playlist Creator

Within Update 1.7.4 Playlist Creator got a new Material Design Logo!

Also a expected function has been added: Quietly every fifth review was about the missing „play playlist“ function. This function has been added at the context menu of the first screen.

The next update will contain the new selection of songs in whole folders and directories in a file picker dialog. Development is already in progress. Stay tuned…

Update 1.7.4

  • Playlist Creator is now able to play created playlists
  • F.A.Q. Screen has been added under „Settings“
  • Several User Interface improvements

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Raw model (logo) made by Vectors Market from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Update for Playlist Creator out now

Update 1.7.0 for Playlist Creator will be deployed today!
One of best features are the two tabs in the selection screen. The selection were splitted in two layouts: Songs and Artist. Another good feature is, the song and artist cover will be displayed by default in a new GridView. A new counter on the save button counts the selected songs.

Song ListView
Song ListView
Artist GridView
Artist GridView

This Update includes several changes:


  • Song and Artist Tab were added to the selection screen
  • Rename/Save Dialog has been improved
  • Refresh a playlist by scrolling down in the ListView (SwipeRefreshLayout)
  • Possibility to edit a playlist after creating
  • Preselection when you rename a playlist
  • Song and Artist Cover will be loaded by default
  • Added GridView to Artist Listview
  • New Android L Buttons

Solved Bugs

  • Saved wrong playlist after renaming a playlist
  • Checkboxes were not clickable because of the scrollcars were too big
  • Improved some paddings and margins in layouts

Please report any bugs and misstakes.

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If you want to be a beta tester, please write a comment or write a mail to

Playlist Creator: Update 1.6

New features within update 1.6 for the Android App Playlist Creator. Some users asked to implement the ability to randomize songs of a playlist. Now it’s possible to shuffle the tracks in an existing playlist. Press „Edit a playlist“ in the Main Menu and then select the „shuffle“-Button at the top Action Bar.

Users are now able to clear all selections of selected songs.
Also some Textfields and User Interace objects have been improved.

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  • Shuffle songs
  • New Strings – Order By (Title A-Z, Title Z-A, Artist A-Z, Artist Z-A, Oldest songs, Newest songs)
  • Changed the padding of the playlist Listview when editing playlists
  • Clear all selections