Update 1.3 allows Playlist Creator 2 to create file based playlists. The file format is based on M3U. It will still be possible to create playlist with the normal method (internal media database).

After selecting songs for the playlist the user has the choice to click a checkbox to create a file based playlists. Playlist Creator brings up a second window with a directoy picker. In this directory the playlist will the M3U file be saved. Also the user has the possibility to do backups of their playlists.

Playlist Creator is not able to read those created playlists. Some Music Player Apps are not reading playlists from the internal media database. These Music Player Apps can now import the created file based playlists.

If you have suggestions feel free to write a E-Mail to contact@ks-developer.com.

Download Playlist Creator 2 from Play Store.

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