Playlist Creator 2.0

Playlist Creator 2.0 is the second version of the successful App Playlist Creator. During many bad reviews on Playlist Creator I decided to publish a revised App called Playlist Creator 2. This new App has a complete new Material Design.

Try Playlist Creator and leave your thoughts about the app on the feedback page.

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Till S. wrote a review in the Play Store (5 Stars):

Finally, I can create my own playlist easily and fast. Great! I recommend this App for everyone!

Patrick M. wrote a review in the Play Store (5 Stars):

Really well designed and considered App. Thumbs up!

Playlist Creator

With Playlist Creator you can create and edit your own playlists easily and fast.

Playlist Creator searches all music tracks and existing playlists automatically on your device. The advantage –  you don’t have to select any folders or libraries on your phone!

Playlist Creator will save the playlist on your device and will immediately appear in the Music Player.
The playlist which you have created can be used in all common music players!

Playlist Creator will not create a file based playlist (.m3u). Playlists will be saved on the device database.



Muhammad Daniyal Ashraf wrote a review in the Play Store (5 Stars):

Great Work !!! Awesome App. Made my work a lot easier.

Tammy Kizak wrote a review in the Play Store (5 Stars):

Worked great!!! This game did just what it needed to do. I highly recommend this to everyone who is trying to make some playlists. <3 Love this App!!!!


Wage Calculator

Wage Calculator is my first app in the Play Store. It was really difficult to save the data of the user. You have to define exactly database tables and columns. I decided to use a gratis SQLite Database.

In this project I learned:

  • Read and store data in a database
  • Building Custom Listview Items
  • Usage of Shared Preferences (Settings)
  • Usage of Threads (Calculate wage while working)

Wage Calculator helps to calculate your wage and salary.
You can see last working hours and earnings.

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Kathy Wightman wrote a a review in the Play Store (5 Stars):

I love it! Developer fixed problem and now it works wonderfully!!! This is exactly what I wanted!

Mert Safter wrote a a review in the Play Store (5 Stars):

Helpful App to organize your earnings.