Update 1.7.0 for Playlist Creator will be deployed today!
One of best features are the two tabs in the selection screen. The selection were splitted in two layouts: Songs and Artist. Another good feature is, the song and artist cover will be displayed by default in a new GridView. A new counter on the save button counts the selected songs.

Song ListView

Song ListView

Artist GridView

Artist GridView

This Update includes several changes:


  • Song and Artist Tab were added to the selection screen
  • Rename/Save Dialog has been improved
  • Refresh a playlist by scrolling down in the ListView (SwipeRefreshLayout)
  • Possibility to edit a playlist after creating
  • Preselection when you rename a playlist
  • Song and Artist Cover will be loaded by default
  • Added GridView to Artist Listview
  • New Android L Buttons

Solved Bugs

  • Saved wrong playlist after renaming a playlist
  • Checkboxes were not clickable because of the scrollcars were too big
  • Improved some paddings and margins in layouts

Please report any bugs and misstakes.

Download Playlist Creator

If you want to be a beta tester, please write a comment or write a mail to contact@ks-developer.com.

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