Playlist Creator

This is the Pro Version of the Playlist Creator. You can create and edit own playlists easily and fast. Keep your favorite songs in your playlist. Stop searching songs in your music library. You can also use the playlist on your smartphone (same songs).

Advantages over the free version:

  • When your playlist has been saved the playlist will show up in the category „recent playlists“. That means if you forget one song you can easily select it once again.
  • I want that you can create playlists as soon as possible, so you can also save the music library as favorite!

It has many Features:

  • Random sequence of your songs
  • Edit playlist (m3u, pls) of third party programs
  • Listen to your songs in the playlist
  • Open favorite music library
  • Open recent playlists

Download from Windows Store

Download Desktop Version

Wage Calculator

With this tool you can keep the overview over your wage and working hours. You can calculate over hours, days, weeks, months and years! Select your hourly wage and calculate your wage.

My Wage Calculator calculates your:

  • Monthly wage
  • Monthly average wage
  • Total wage
  • Total working hours
  • Diagramm of all your salaries

It’s perfect to use it, when you have a next job.

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Download Desktop Version

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