About Me


Hi my name is Karsten Schreyer. I am 22 Years old and was born in Sinsheim (Germany). Today I live in a small town near Heilbronn. My activities are Waterpolo, Swimming and Programming Applications.

I did my exam in Heidelberg on the Julius Springer Schule, which was based on economic informatics and progamming with Html, Php and Java. So I decided to do apprenticeship as IT specialist in a big company, that works with SAP systems.

2012 – 2015 I was a trainee as IT specialist for application development at a special engineering company in Wiesloch. At my apprenticeship I learned to handle with the programming languages:

  • Abap Objects
  • Microsoft .Net C#
  • Java and Android
  • Html and Php
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Since the first days in my apprenticeship I program applications in real projects.

Currently I study computer science at the Unversity of Karlsruhe.

I programed so many tools, applications and websites in my spare time. So I decided to publish my projects. My first step was to develop a simply website and upload a few applications.
People asked me – why don’t you sell your apps?
In November 2013 I created a Windows Store Developer Account, called ‚Karsten Schreyer Developer‘. I developped a new Windows Store App „Playlist Creator“.
After a few weeks I uploaded my first Windows Store App ‚Playlist Creator Free‘. It has now over 3000 Downloads at the Store.